Why Invest In Yoga?


When you hire NineMinMax® Business Yoga, you can be sure you’re hiring the best!


Business Yoga has been successfully offered since 1998 in more than 300 companies in the Netherlands and abroad.

Since 2008, NineMinMax® Business Yoga has offered interventions in the Netherlands and abroad. There have been around 2.500 employees who participated since then.

We are a growing Business Yoga company based in the Netherlands, operating international. We are the only Business Yoga company that offers a International Certified Teacher Training program. We provide a high level of service and work hard to uphold our excellent reputation. 

Certified & Insured

All NineMinMax® Business Yoga trainers meet the international professional – didactic and subject quality criteria through registration according to IKYTA – International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association. Trainers are supervised by KRI – Kundalini Research Institute. KRI is a non-profit organization founded in 1972 with the aim of guaranteeing the quality and integrity of Kundalini Yoga education. This is responsible for training, evaluating and certifying Kundalini Yoga teachers. 

All NineMinMax® Business Yoga trainers are personally trained by the founder Sat Kirtan. All trainers receive ongoing guidance on the required professional criteria. InvestInYoga ensures the didactic and professional quality of trainers being hired. 

Our trainers have personally experienced the daily challenges employees face and have successfully completed the KRI Certified Speciality Course: “How To Become a NineMinMax® Business Yoga”. We also require them to be certified in Emergency First Aid/CPR as well as carry liability insurance.

We fully screen each of our teachers before we hire them, and we only work with the best.

Social Media Newsletter

We are active on social media, so follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Insta. We also publish an e-newsletter for you and all of your staff, filled with helpful tips, contests and giveaways, resources, articles and more, to help you to stay healthy at your workplace. You can unsubscribe at any time, of course, but we don’t think you’ll want to.

Pro-Active Management Team

Our management team ensures that you have the support you need at all times, including arranging for substitute teachers when your regular teacher is unavailable or ill. If you need to change or cancel a session, have a question or just want to tell us how your session is going, we have someone who can help you with that.

We give back to the community

Kids Yoga – Free at schools

Ever since our founder Sat Kirtan has done her Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, she wondered why she hadn’t learnt at schools, what she learnt there. For example learn which impact the breath has on our health and how to use that, the science of mantra, food, how to train the mind through meditation etc etc. That is the reason why she started teaching Yoga@Schools and train the teachers how to use the yoga and meditation in their classes. 

To deepen that relationship, she decided that for each NineMinMax® Business Yoga traject we do, we will train a teacher at school to become a yoga teacher for free and share these profound life lessons with kids. 

During this fun, educational program children will learn the basics of yoga and breathwork, and get them moving using fun yoga poses like Lion, Cat/Cow, Tree, Warrior and more.

Each child will receive a yoga card to fill out with their favorite yoga pose, why they like yoga and more.