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Upcoming book: Embody Conscious Leadership


Learn how to give yourself the highest priority and not feel guilty. Find out how you can break through the blocks that keep you from being fulfilled in your work and private life. Raise yourself and your organization above the daily stress and stay happy and healthy, which cuts costs and boosts your profits effortless.

As a Conscious Leader you are invaluable to the company, to fellow employees, and most importantly to yourself. By cultivating a deep awareness and authenticity to be you, despite any pressure, you transform your state of mind, your worldview and the consciousness which you bring to your everyday life. You will create a huge impact.

You start to transform the business world from the inside into one based on connection not separation, love and trust not fear, serve not sale. You will live up to your caliber and find the courage to take a stand for a more spiritually fulfilling, environmentally sustainable and socially just world.

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Do you have a strong desire to make a profound contribution to the world?


you don't know where to begin, you feel lost or blocked and not able to step into your full potential?

Through this book you will learn 5 vital lessons from a Yogi; to be back in your center, to not to worry for anything, to know that there is always a solution for any situation. Sat Kirtan guides you through The 5C‘s of Consciousness™, that will kick-start within you the process to Embody Conscious Leadership.

Becoming more conscious of your needs and desires is your starting point. Having that clear vision allows you to make a strong commitment. That commitment builds your character, which gives you the courage to live up to your full potential, your caliber.

As a truthful conscious leader, you give people trust, security, inspiration and appreciation. In turn they feel secure within themselves, appreciate themselves, are more loyal and feel more empowered. Together you impact your profits and beyond.

In the end, it will lead to the understanding we’re all HUMAN beings, which will make our life’s happy.

This book

- Indicates the 5 vital steps through which chances for survival of your organization increases dramatically.

- Embarks you on an inner journey, as Embody Conscious Leadership which starts and end with you.

- Explains the 5 rules which direct you through these changing and challenging times.

- Makes you aware of your impact as Conscious Leader within and outside your organization.

- Demonstrates how you can excel and save the one’s who are having a hard time.

- Shows you the way to build a strong and vital Conscious Team.

- Invokes within you the skills of Conscious Leadership, so you can effortless impact profits and beyond.

- Tells you how to smoothly navigate through The 5C’s of Consciousness™, giving you the courage to live up to your full potential.

- Reveals the secret games our ego plays to prevent you from fallen into it's traps.

- Transforms any sick organization into a healthy and wealthy organization.


Sat Kirtan is the creator of the NineMinMax® Business Yoga method and the author of the book ´Bye Bye Stress in 9 Minutes or Less´. She began her career in the financial industry and worked her way up the ladder. Although she was successful in her career, due to the high levels of stress she developed a chronic illness.

After suffering for three years, she came to the conclusion that she needed to transform her life, in order to heal. She needed to become the leader of her life, living from her heart. It was through her conscious commitment to the Kundalini Yoga practice, her illness disappeared after three weeks. ‘If I knew then what I know now it would have made life much easier for me.’

The more Kundalini Yoga she practiced, the more she realized her souls mission is to help people stay relaxed in the unrelaxed world.

Sat Kirtan is now committed to serving people, especially managers and CEO’s, to live and perform better today, without the stress of finding time to carve out of their busy schedules, so they can live a happier, healthier future. She focuses on leaders, because they touch so many other lives.

Her company is growing, she runs an international certified teacher training and works with teams around the world to bring consciousness within a business environment.

When Sat Kirtan isn't teaching and sharing her message, you can find her taking long walks on the beach, chanting mantra's, playing on her harmonium and being inspired by her two beautiful children.

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