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Blue Print Analysis


We’ve done an ‘Understand Your Team Analysis’ with Sat Kirtan and it was a great way to look at yourself and others. Sat Kirtan guides the sessions with dept, humor and really knows what’s she is talking about. It is very easy to understand and also after the session, we have now a different way to talk to each other and I feel our bond within the team is stronger.

Marike Voges – Sanoma



Blue Print Analysis

Teams are going to be more important and will get more responsibilities. That's why it is crucial for teams to work smoothly. The one key factor for successful teams is having a connection on a personal level. You don’t need to be best friends with your colleagues, but you do need to know what they are going through, what their agenda is and how they function, as a human. Knowing and understanding the person behind the colleague, that is when teams really can excel.

That’s why I offer special Blue Print Team Analysis, in which I make a Blue Print of each individual team member and combine these numbers, to make sense out of it. The work is done based on the Akara Numerology.

I love doing this, as in my former job, I worked as a database marketeer, turning numbers into information. And now, as a Business Yoga Consultant, I still love to use these skills and connect the dots to give information that really resonates with the individual person and make sense to the team as well.

For example, if I’d be in your team, for the team to be successful, you also need people who have a strong Negative Mind. I have many 3’s in my numbers. 3 Stands for the Positive Mind, so I always see possibilities, I see always light at the end of the tunnel. When I surround myself with more 3’s, I know it ends up making castles up in the air.

Akara means: the Circle of Light, Circle of Infinity, that which contains everything. Through simple calculations the Akara Numerology allows you to better understand yourself. It will help you understand why things happened in your life and why the people are in your life.

Through it, you can determine the inherent strengths and challenges to create a positive outcome for any task the team stands for to assure the best possible success!

Beside the inside information, you will receive a team affirmation, which will empower the team members.

For example, the affirmation I did on my NineMinMax Business Yoga team is: This is the radiant intuitive team, that serves as wise leaders others in their work and lives.

An affirmation

This incredible service is available to you online through zoom or skype or with a video sent directly to your email!


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