Nimeminmax ® Yoga Teacher Training

Nineminmax ® Yoga Teacher Training

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Become A NineMinMax ® Yoga Teacher

Join the International Business Yoga Sangat and Spread the Teachings within a Business Environment 

Stop searching for ways to start teaching kundalini yoga within a business environment. Connect yourself to the International Business Yoga Sangat, use the already made material and get a jumpstart and start teaching. Find your own clients, set your own schedule and be your own boss with our KRI certified NineMinMax ® Business Yoga Teacher Training program. Earn an average of 80 an hour teaching yoga in offices & help business people relax!


You have to be a Kundalini yoga teacher, preferably level 2 and understand the principles. We will train you with our KRI certified NineMinMax ® Yoga Teacher Training program. 


We are looking for the right people with the right attitude in most major cities across The Netherlands, Russia and Germany.

“Join the team! Let’s make the business world a more relaxed place where truth prevails and happiness exist”