Meditation for Transformation

Meditation for Transformation

Sat nam ji,

It’s amazing, it’s happening...

My heart is filled with joy that we’re doing the Kirtan Kriya together, with people all over the Globe, creating a continuous 24/7 sound Sa Ta Na Ma for 11 days to support the transformation.

So far more than 200 persons, from over 25 different timezones have participated.

We've started on the 11th of April for 11 days and will extend our practice together.

If you want to join again, please put yourself on the schedule - - for each time you do the kirtan kriya. 

There are still time slots to be filled, so keep on sharing it with your friends, family and students from all over the globe. 

 How to do the Kirtan kriya is explained here:

- Sit in easy pose

- Wrist on knees, elbows straight

- Meditate at the brow point

- Chant Saa - Taa - Naa - Maa in full voice

- With each sound, alternate through the 4 mudra's

- On Saa thumb and pointer finger touch

- On Taa thumb and middle finger touch

- On Naa thumb and ring finger touch

- On Maa thumb and pinkie finger touch

As you chant imagine the energy of each sound moving down through the Chrown Chakra and then out through the Third Eye point. Project the sound to Infinity.

  • After 5 minutes chanting out loud, continu with the finger movement, while chanting in a strong whisper.
  • After 5 minutes strong whispering, continu with the finger movements, while chanting the sounds in silence, mentally vibrate the mantra for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes of silence, start again for 5 minutes in a strong whisper.
  • After 5 minutes of the whisper, 5 minutes out loud.

During the entire meditation, your fingers continue moving along with the sounds.

To end:

Inhale deeply and suspend the breath as long as comfortable - up to one minute - relaxing it smoothly to complete 1 minute of absolute stillness and silence. Then, stretch the hands up as far as possible and spread the fingers wide. Stretch the spine and take several deep breaths and relax.

Helpfull resources for your practice

Some have asked me where to find music to support the practice. As I already told you, Patricia Pattinama and Ferenz Kallos are making especially for the Global Kirtan a new version. As soon as it is ready, I’ll share it with all of you.

Until then let me give you some suggestions and please add yours as well.

I like to listen to the Sa Ta Na Ma from the album Jap from Annki Warberg Landahl here…/annki-har-dy…/alb-004354.aspx

Or here…

Hansu Jot also has a beautiful version

Nirinjan Kaur (hopefully I tagged the right Nirinjan..)

Also the app Timer Insight is very helpful.


Please forward it to your friends and share it in your online classes, using these tags: #globalkirtan #globalkirtankriya #transformation #continuousmeditation #ongoingkirtankriya

To participate schedule each session here:

If you have questions, or want to do the kriya at a specific time for the upcoming days, sent an email with your name, email and timeslot plus timezone to and I'll add you to the schedule.

Together we’re one!

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

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