Global Kirtan Kriya Untiy Circle

Global Kirtan Kriya Untiy Circle

Sat nam ji, dear you,

The world is transforming and so are we.

This time is calling us to go within and meditate. One of the most powerful meditations given to us to help us through these transforming times, is the Kirtan Kriya.

Meditating together, creating together a non stop, ongoing current in which we focus our minds collectively on the primal sounds, builds a strong energetic field, which uplifts and connects us on a deep spiritual level and helps us, individually and collectively to go through these transforming times.

The Global Kirtan Kriya sadhana started April 11th 2020. Ever since someone around the globe is doing the Kirtan Kriya for 31 minutes. This energy field is building every day, as more and more people are joining.

You are also very welcome to be part of it and join the Global Continuous Kirtan Kriya Untiy Circle.

Together we create a continuous sound current of Sa Ta Na Ma around the world. It will help to go smoothly through these transformative times. 

There are 2 ways to join, depending on how much you’re willing to commit and are able to contribute.

1) Join whenever you feel like joining.

  • This option asks no commitment from you and you can join as often as you like, whenever you like.
  • You go to the calender
  • Pick a time slot, do the meditation for 31 minutes on that certain time.
  • You’ll be reminded 15 minutes prior to your meditation time and receive a follow up email afterwards, in which you can share your experience.
  • If you want to participate again, plan your next meditation session in, whenever fits your schedule.

2) Join for 40 days (or longer)

  • If you are able to commit to a 40 day practice - or longer - to deepen your experience, you can sent your name, email and the time + timezone which you'll do the Kirtan kriya to and I'll add you to the calender.
  • You’ll be reminded 15 minutes prior to your meditation time and receive a follow up email afterwards, in which you can share your experience.

If a certain time is not available, it means someone else is doing the meditation. To keep the sound current ongoing, ideally each day all slots should taken. And we just need 48 participants per day. With millions and millions of people of light and peace, we are able to manifest it together 🙂

You're free to share your practice on social media, I encourage you to do it, as it calls upon others to join as well, which will help to create a strong energy field, but you don't need to do that.

Join the community on Facebook: 

Each day, I'll post in that group the list of participants for the upcoming day. It is also the place to connect to the other participants, to ask questions and share experiences. 

If you do the Kirtan Kriya live on Social media, please use these hashtags #globalkirtankriya #continuousmeditation #kirtankriya #globaltransformation #globalkirtan

Light & peace,

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

Initiator of the Global Kirtan Kriya

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