Conscious Leadership Program


Why Now Is The Time To Embody Conscious Leadership

You cannot expect organizations with unconscious and immature leaders to create healthy, sustainable organizations.

Recent research by Bob Anderson showed that just 20% of the leaders are conscious leaders. That explains the huge number of people with a burnout.

This era requires Conscious Leadership. 

The successful leaders live consciously, our committed to their personal work consciously on improving themselves, as a person and as a leader, taking layers of self doubt, self criticism and dare to connect to and show their own potential. 

What does that actually mean, conscious leadership?

Conscious leaders have a clear vision, dare to make choices and take responsibility for their own behavior. These are leaders who are authentic, dare to be vulnerable and are masters of listening. In short, leaders who are willing to put their ego aside for the benefit of the organization and employees

Why is this so important for HR?

Awareness and performance – personal and organizational – are fundamentally linked. An organization performs at the predominant level of management awareness. If you want better performance as an organization, individually and organizationally, you need leaders who are willing to place the organization above their ego.

A practical example

A practical example: Wouter has a financial consultancy. In recent years he has paid more attention to his own work-life balance, for example by doing yoga a number of times a week.

This also makes him more relaxed on the work floor, responding more patiently to his team and customers. He does not mind explaining things multiple times. He notices that this also has a positive effect on his team and the results.

The effect on employees

The health of an organization depends on the leader. If, as a leader, you take your responsibility, if you trust the course you have set and you exude that, you create the conditions for employees to do the same. In this way you give them the opportunity to develop themselves and you create a healthy organization that is prepared for

Retreats & Workshops

In these retreats and workshops Janice Marturano, author of the award-winning book “Finding the Space to Lead” will teach the curricula she has developed and used with Fortune 500 companies, the World Economic Forum, the Brookings Institute and NYU Stern Business School.

The Institute for Mindful Leadership courses and workshops teach executives and employees how to:

• Engage innate capacities of the mind to strengthen and enhance traditional business and leadership expertise

• Allow space for creative solutions by becoming more comfortable with uncertainty and adversity

• Practice daily applications of mindful leadership training to cultivate mental and physical resilience

• Meet and/or initiate change skillfully by accessing intuition and connecting fully with others

• Recognize unproductive patterns, both within themselves and in workplace interactions, and learn how to respond more effectively

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