Co create in Sat Kirtans book

Co create in Sat Kirtans book

Do you want to co-create and be recommended by me in my book?

Today my book ‘Bye Bye Stress In Nine Minutes Or Less ran out of stock.

Earlier this week I sent a box to (so they still have it...) and today I’ll sent the last hard copy of the book to Patricia in the USA.

I’ve been using this quarantaine time to re-do the book, due to the recent developments.

I am very happy to present the fresh book with a new cover and new title: ‘Conscious Business’, The Kundalini Yoga Handbook for Professionals. —> let me know what you think about it

It will be published this summer in English, Dutch and also in German. 💗

In all the versions I have options to co-create as this is what these times asks from us.

That’s why I’ve added in the back of the book a new chapter called: Sources the author recommends.

So if you offer sustainable products or services and you like me to recommend them to the readers, please sent me a pm with your product or service and why you want to be in the book.

Of course, this is not for anybody, it is for those who are offering a true fairtrade product, and who are genuine in the services.

I’ll only add those services and products that I feel a good connection with.

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