What do you do to work on yourself to become the best version of yourself?

What do you do to work on yourself to become the best version of yourself?

Sat nam ji,

Today I had a conversation on LinkedIn with someone who reached out to me.

Here is our conversation, may it be a source of inspiration to you.

He: How is your work going on ?

I: Good ji, feel blessed to be able to bring peace and relaxation into the business world.

I: how about you?

He: Working on myself to be a better person

I: beautiful, best thing to spend your energy on in this life, do it and it will inspire others to do so

He: Very true but its not easy

I: take it step by step.

He: Agreed

I: do you have some guidance on this journey?

He: and what to do with family if the don’t understand me ?

I: bless them and keep up listening to your inner truth

He: this i use to do but they are getting annoyed of that ?

I: try to serve them as much as you can and see this as your seva, they’ll notice it and see the positive change in you and if you keep up doing that, you’ll receive the respect and acknowledgement from them which you are looking for

He: this what i always try to but i always fail i use to talk to them after a while or days that why you are not supporting me, try to convince them, please tell me what is your problem, ……………… After that they reply “you are mature enough to understand the Situation so you can go your way”. and then more disturbance evolve

I: i guess you already know the solution.. what would happen if you’d stop convincing them and asking for their support, feel supported from the universe.

I: The only one you can change is you

He: this what i fear

I: universe is here to support you and wherever you have a fear, you have a possibility to grow, so be grateful for them to show you you’re fears

He: what if a stop convincing them and one day will come and everything will be finish

I: you want to live a ‘what if’ life based on your fears? or one based on your strength and your believes.

I: it’s up to you.

I: Universe is here to serve you

He: Strength and believes

I: find tools to connect deeper within yourself

He: Thanks

I: Today at 12.00 am my Amsterdam time, i’ll be hosting another Online NineMinMax Business Yoga Meeting. feel free to join, the fee is very small and it will give you some tools to make that connection. Here is the link: https://www.nineminmax.com/online-nineminmax-business-yoga-meetings/

He: last year i got married and things got worse from them onwards

I: change your thoughts, see what it is that is not aligned within you, accept that and everything will work out.

He: when i was alone before i used to ignore talks and enjoy my life but now my wife have face that all due to which i rebel and these all situations errupt

I: so be grateful for your wife to bring you to this new level of challenges, which are here for your soul to grow

He: Thank you so much ji

I: My pleasure. blessings to you and your family. love more, live more.


Do you have a question, feel free to ask me anytime. I’m here to support you and bring you to the light within you.

Humbly yours,

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

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