Spice Up Your Conference Call

Spice Up Your Conference Call

This blog is for employers who are managing a team remotely. I´ll will explain how do you build an effective team remotely. Why is it important? I’ll share some ways virtual teams can improve morale and build culture. And I´ll share a fun activity virtual teams can to spice up the conference calls and wake up the creativity.

These times, where we all are forced to work from home, it is for many leaders quiet a challenge how to connect to your team and how keep the team engaged during the calls.

As the author of the upcoming book ‘Embody Conscious Leadership: the Highway to Impact Profits and Beyond’ I can tell you that the most important ingrediënt for a healthy, productive team is trust.

So, all activities of you, as the leader, should be focused on building trust.

First thing, leaders can do, is ask themselves, how do I trust? What do I need to have faith and trust? What can I do to increase trust, in myself, in the people I work with and in the world.

Especially now, with so many uncertainties, finding ways to increase trust will be the one factor why some companies will thrive during this time and others will go down.

One of the key factors of building trust is being open and being human. So any opportunity to get to know the human behind the employees is very valuable.

There are 1000 different ways to increase the human factor at work, during remote meetings. I’ll share my top 3.

1) Start the meeting in silence for 1-3 minutes, while you guide them through a body scan. Ask them afterwards to share their experience in one word or sentence. It will allow people to really be present and it will build trust amongst the teammembers

2) Have them make a story together, by just starting with one word and the person next to you adds one word and then the next person says one word. Together you create a wonderful story.

3) Do something you have never done before. Something special, with meaning, but still light and digestible. For smaller teams - up to 10 persons - I’d say book a Blue Print Team Analysis, which is an interactive way to get to understand yourself better.

It will tell someone’s talents, how to communicate with someone effectively, what someone’s mastery is, all based on your date of birth.

Knowing this, is a brilliant way to get to know yourself better, why you act a certain way and also understand the other better. And it is very funny and easy. So you can also use it to better understand your spouse, your children, friends.

If you want to use this information, or have questions, please feel free to reach out.

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

Author of the book ‘Embody Conscious Leadership

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