Five Questions To Understand Your Body Better

Five Questions To Understand Your Body Better

Research shows that almost a quarter of employees have a burnout feeling. Just think about it. A quarter, that’s one out of four. You may be one of them! A burnout often occurs because you do not listen to your body. How often do you ignore the signals from your body because other things are more important?

Do you want to prevent a burn-out?

From now on, take the signals from your body really seriously. Because your body is constantly talking to you. You probably recognize it, if you are in love, you have butterflies in your stomach. The world, your beloved everything is beautiful, you look at life through pink glasses.

Even when you are stressed, your body talks to you. It gives signals by pain that often returns. One person suffers from his voice, the other from his back. With me appears a rash that is terribly itchy. If that happens, then I know that I have crossed my borders. I am too busy, there is something in my life that does not make me happy or there is something exciting to happen. I take these signals very seriously nowadays.

To get behind the core, I ask myself the following five questions, which you can also use if your body hurts somewhere.

Question 1: Where in your body do you feel tension?

Sit quietly, close your eyes and go to your body with your attention. Feel how your breath goes up and down. Ask yourself: “What are the places where you feel tension in your body?”

Write down all the places where you feel tension. Do not stop writing until you have written down everything you feel. You can also draw a puppet and circle the places where there is tension. Look at what suits you best. Then go read or see what you have done. Do that without judgment, but from curiosity.

Question 2: Can you remember when your symptoms started?

Complaints do not arise from one to the other day. Your body usually starts with small signals. If you do not pick them up, your body will always send out harder signals and the complaints that you experience will become increasingly unpleasant. When did your body start waking you up? What was the moment when you became aware that it was time to listen to your body? Do you remember the moment again? Write it down as detailed as possible.

Question 3: Is it possible to identify a situation that is the cause of your complaints?

It helps if you know the cause of your complaint. Major changes can be traumatic. For example, a relationship that is broken, the loss of a loved one, or a job. Check whether there is a situation in your life that can be the cause of the complaints. Are there multiple situations? Write them all down.

Question 4: What do you feel when you think about the cause of your complaints?

If you think about your symptoms, what do you feel? Are you angry, sad, anxious … write down your feelings. Look at your feelings. See if you can accept them and if you can even be grateful for it. Gratitude is very important in the healing process.

Question 5: What does your body need to reduce your symptoms?

Take your time to answer this question, close your eyes again, take a deep breath and ask yourself the question: ‘Body, what do you need now?’

Write down your answers and make an action plan on how you can give your body what it needs.

Good luck and let me know what your body wants to tell you. You can leave your comments below.

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