Easy to go to 3 Step Formula for an Elevator Pitch to Serve and Add Value to Potential New Customers

Easy to go to 3 Step Formula for an Elevator Pitch to Serve and Add Value to Potential New Customers

Today is one of my favourite days, as I get to teach Kundalini Yoga teachers how to bring Kundalini Yoga within companies.

How to open the door and serve the business world by sharing this vast wisdom.

This is part of the NineMinMax® Business Yoga training to train them how to bring yoga into the corporate world. I always teach them to how make an elevator pitch. How to wake up their listener, by focussing on creating curiosity within them. 

Step 1) It starts with a significant question, based on something which is now happening, to make the connection and to wake up the curiosity within your listener. As without the connection, just saying your elevator pitch which you have learned by head and which you repeat all the time, feels like you want to sell something and people don't like to be sold something, especially not nowadays.
> Let the other person speak, usually it is no, i didn’t know, please explain..
2) So now you have the attention and the connection, now it is time to tell who you are and what your organization does, that help solves this issue.
3) then you keep your mouth shut. Be silence and take a few deep breath. Lean forward, have an open posture. Let the other person speak, open your heart, ask questions and start having a dialogue as that is the goal of your pitch. To make the connection and if it is meant to be that you are the one who has a solution to the problem the listener has, he/she becomes your client or not. That is not your goal. Your goal is to make a connection and serve.
So this is my elevator pitch at this moment:
Did you know there are some very practical ways to get your employees healthy through flu season?
No, it there is, I’d love to hear.
Well, I came across some very powerful tools, which boosts your immune system and keep you happy and healthy, just by practicing 9 minutes a day. 
Then I keep my mouth shut and listen to the questions or things the other has to say. We start a dialogue from there. 
Hope you liked it, and use it, as we need to make more and deeper connections within the business world. People don’t want to be sold, they want to be informed and educated and valued. Take time to listen. To be. To be.
If you want more information, or contact me, feel free to reach out.
Humbly yours,
Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa 

CEO of InvestInYoga

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