invest 9 minutes a day to Raise The Consciousness of Your Organization

Breathe In
Breathe Out
& Relax
Do It Right Now
It Feels Good ;-)

Efficiently transform your organization.

– Cultivate Conscious Leadership to create an Impact Beyond Profits. 

– Get productive, creative & motivated employees.

NineMinMax® Business Yoga, based on kundalini yoga, direct results

better FOCUS
being at peace within
more energy
feeling good

are you curious to find out why Leythem Wall invests in NineMinMax® Business Yoga?Leythem Wall, Partner at HGF Limited

Listen here to Leythem, partner at one of Europe’s largest Intellectual property firms, Story 

After listening to the above video, i want to know what nineMinMax® business yoga can do for my organisation.

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what makes NineMinMax® business yoga special?

happy and healty organizations

Only 9 minutes a day!

NineMinMax® Business Yoga is designed to help you relieve from stress, improve your health, and re-organize your thoughts in a minimum of time.

Easy, fast, at work

NineMinMax® Business Yoga can be done while sitting behind your desk and requires no experience.

Promising results

The ability to create more impactful connections with others, healthier and more energetic self, improved focus and reduced Stress are some of the expected results.

Happy & healthy

Our techniques aren’t only meant to make you a better professional, it helps you to live a happy and healthy life.


happy & Healthy People so you create impact beyond profits


Reduce stress & tension
Increase energy
Get strong and physically fit
Improve focus & concentration
Have better posture

They will feel they are alive and kicking again 😉


Boost productivity
Save on health care costs
Reduce staff turnover
Lower employee absenteeism
Have a lot more fun at work!

Things will more effortless, as the organization is more in tune 😉


Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the awareness of the business world, so that organizations create impact beyond profits.
We believe that increasing awareness is THE solution to achieve this. It is THE answer to today’s challenges at work: “Long hours, multi-tasking, stiff competition, rigorous commute, irregular eating habits, sedentary desk jobs and bad sitting postures,

Our Vision

Employees must believe that they, themselves are top priority: learning to listen to their body and surrender to the highest power of self-awareness. When they realize this, they are valuable for themselves and for the company.

The 7 secrets of business yoga

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